Repair Process

At Bi-County we want your experience with us to be a perfect 10 across the board. We promise to keep you updated throughout the entire process and we can even do this through text messages so that we don’t have to interrupt your busy day.

1. Initial Consultation

When we receive your car here at Bi-County Auto Body, we make sure to do everything that we can to facilitate a pain-free process for you, the customer. This begins with an initial consultation. One of our appraisers will go over the vehicle with you. During this process, we are here to listen to any questions or concerns you may have regarding your repairs. At the end of this consultation, you will fill out the necessary paperwork and be provided with a copy of the initial estimate.

2. Insurance Approval

After the preliminary estimate is completed, the insurance company will review it. During this process, we work with the insurance company to figure out how to ensure the highest quality repair for your vehicle. At this time we will also work with the insurance company to make any necessary changes to the preliminary estimate.

3. Meticulous Teardown

Following approval from the insurance company, we begin what we call a “meticulous teardown.” We first wash your vehicle so that we are able to see all of the external damage. We then carefully remove the damaged parts of your vehicle to inspect the underlying parts. This ensures that we are aware of the exact extent of the damage so that we are able to maximize efficiency and minimize delays by ordering all of the parts and beginning repairs as soon as possible.

4. Blueprint

Here at Bi-County, we use a technique known as “blueprinting” in order to ensure quality and minimize delays in every vehicle that we repair. We prepare a blue print written on the vehicle that fully details each step of the process including minute details like clips and moldings. This blueprint ensures that our experienced technicians will restore every part of your car to pre-accident condition and get you back on the road as fast as possible.

5. Parts Ordering

At this point our trained staff is now aware of the exact extent of the damage to your vehicle and we are able to place an order for the necessary parts. While our well-established relationships with various dealers across Long Island normally guarantee speedy delivery of parts, there are times when parts need to be special ordered and availability is limited. If this occurs, we will notify you of any expected delays. Once we receive all of the parts, we begin restoring your vehicle to pre-accident condition.

6. Structural Repair

Depending on the extent of the damage to your vehicle, it may require structural repair. If this is the case, our extensively trained technicians will restore the body of the vehicle to factory conditions utilizing our state of the art frame machines and laser electronic measuring systems. Here at Bi-County we have the latest in frame technology which gives our technicians the ability to restore any vehicle on the road to factory specifications.

7. Body Repair

At this stage, our trained technicians will replace all damaged exterior panels and metal finishing that may be required. This includes repairing all dents and scratches. Since quality is of the utmost importance to us at Bi-County, we have established our own strict quality guidelines and make sure to follow them throughout the entire repair process.

8. Paint

We first sand, prime, and seal the damaged areas of your vehicle in order to ensure a high-quality, like-new paint job. Utilizing the most cutting edge technology, we custom mix and adjust colors to perfectly match your vehicle’s finish. Here at Bi County, we have made substantial investments in eco friendly waterborne paint to deliver the highest quality finish while minimizing environmental hazard. Before we paint your vehicle, we carefully mask the undamaged areas of your vehicle. Next, we apply the manufacture-quality color and clear coat. Finally, our top of the line spray booths then become “ovens” in which the vehicle is baked in order to give your vehicle that brand new factory finish.

9. Reassembly

After your vehicle’s factory-quality paint job has finished drying, our highly trained technicians begin to reassemble your vehicle. We carefully place your new and undamaged parts onto your vehicle. We then perform a rigorous inspection and check all of your vehicle’s systems in order to ensure that your car is in pre-accident condition in every single way.

10. Detailing

If necessary, during this stage our experienced professionals will road test your vehicle to ensure that it has been repaired properly. Our attentive detail specialists then clean vehicle. Finally, our Quality Control Supervisor performs a final thorough inspection in order to ensure that your vehicle has been restored to pre-accident condition.

11. Completion

Following the final inspection we will notify you that your vehicle is ready to be picked up. Upon your arrival, a member of our management staff here at Bi County will go over the finished vehicle with you and you will be provided with the final paperwork and lifetime warranty information. Here at Bi County we take pride in delivering only the highest quality repairs to every vehicle that comes through our doors. We are delighted to return your vehicle to you in peak condition and hope to have made the repair process a stress-free experience for you.